7x14 walnut snare rocks!

i just wanted to get back to you about the 14X7 black walnut snare drum i recently purchased from you. i absolutely love it. there was an initial adjustment period - after listening to a cheap, "dead" laminate drum for 10 years, i was a bit taken aback by the ample tones this drum generates. particularly with the single ply head. the clincher was when a drummer friend of mine came over and played it while i listened from the proper perspective - in front of the kit. when the overtones blend with the fat whack the drum produces, it is absolutely how a snare drum should sound. some specific observations:

the drum is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship - a fine instrument. everyone i have showed it to and played it for has been like, "wow". everone who has played it - all amatuers but good musicians with many years of experience - have been really impressed with its appearence and its sound. it is a steal, even at the regular, non- ebay price.

the drum does indeed have a broad tuning range. it sounds different, but it never sounds bad - unlike my laminate snare which sounds reasonably ok only when tuned in a very specific way.

in addition to the many different usable tones you can get from tuning, the drum also sounds different depending on how you hit it. i guess this is an obvious statement, but again, the contrast with my old snare and most others i have played is striking. if you are sloppy with your strokes, this snare lets you know! i feel like playing this drum is actually improving my technique.

when i put a "muffler ring" on the batter head, the resulting sound is the most quintessentially fat, dry, studio sounding "whack" that one could possibly hope to hear. i have recorded the drum extensively, and again, it just sounds great no matter what tone you are going for. i actually replaced the batter head with an aquarian "studio X" and i find that this just slightly dampens the overtones, while still keeping the musicality of the drum intact.

i was a bit worried that the drum might be a bit big for an all-around snare but i don't feel that way at all - when tuned up tight it is as light and dry as can be.

what else can i say - nice drum, man.
Testimonial By: Dave R.

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