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The latest news for drumfactorydirect is that we have been in our current Pittsburgh location since 2011. We are enjoying our Greenfield location in an old Roman Catholic church on the edge of Schenley Park, right on the bike trail where you can ride or walk 1 mile and be in the happening Oakland area. The church building has never looked better. We have new carpet on the altar and are continuing to make improvements as we grow, and add more products to our ever expanding line of drum parts and accessories.

In December 2012 we hired our second team member - Tim Little. He found our job advertisement on Craig's List, applied for the job and was, hands down, the best candidate! Tim comes from a graphic design background but is currently working on his own DIY micro label and distro record company called Between the Days Records. He is a keen drummer and has been involved in the local Pittsburgh indie scene since the late 90's.

We began making African style hand drums in 1989 and made the transition to manufacturing full custom drum kits and snare drums under the name of Global Drum Company in 1997. In 2007 drumfactorydirect.com evolved from our need for an online storefront for our hand crafted drums. This quickly developed into a place for drummers, drum builders and other musicians to purchase competitively priced drum parts as well as essentials like drum heads and sticks. Today drumfactorydiect.com is the largest retail drum parts supplier in the world, having shipped to every State in the US and more than 85 other countries. We have sold products to: schools, colleges, churches, theatre groups, correctional facilities, symphony orchestras, recording studios, teaching studios, backline companies, drum manufacturers, military bands as well as renowned musicians, performers and recording artists.

Drumfactorydirect.com is a small company which gives us a great advantage in providing excellent customer service. Our office is open to answer your instrument and drum building questions Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm Eastern US time. With over 20 years of drum building experience behind us we are more than able to answer any query you may have.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a broad range of high quality products at competitive prices. We generally ship orders the same day or the next day.. There is no minimum purchase required, so if all you need is one screw, that's all you have to buy - at a realistic price!

We stock replacement parts from DW, Pearl, Tama and ddrum. Any hard to find parts from any of these companies are likely to be in stock here at our warehouse. You can enjoy same day shipping on them and anything else we have in stock. Typically, if it's not on our shelves there won't be a long wait for items to be back in stock.


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