Mid East 16" Crash-Woo-Hoo!

10-1-2010 Matt, your service is a model of what customer service is all about. My first purchase was the Mid East 16" crash cymbal. First of all, I was rather hesitant of ordering an unknown, and exiting, seller to boot. The cymbal itself is made by a lrger Turkish maker that produces their own lines as well as selling to others as "stencil" maker. This is a B-20, hand hammered crash and it is a wonder to play. Where else can you buy a NEW quality cymbal for less than $100? I realize it is on clearance, but this would still be a great deal at the street prices. I paid 78.64, including shipping, and it arrived in record time. Matt, you are a great guy and I commend your effort and personal service. I had questions and concern, but you assured me this was the best deal going and I agree. It was, out if the box, a bit stiff. After a few days of some malletts and sticking for a few minutes every day for a week or so, it broke in very nicely. Opens up fast, speaks clearly, crisply and washes out quickly with no undesirable over-tones. I will be buying the other two to complete the set. I only wish I could get the hats' to go with, but they do match nicely with my 15" Dream Bliss hi-hats....John M.
Testimonial By: John M   Meyer Custom Restoration, LLC

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