The dFd Mod Line

One-of-a-Kind Bronze Cymbals Customized by NickyMoon

14" Mod Ripple Hi-Hat Pair (785g/1,240g)MODHH14

14" Mod Ripple Hi-Hat Pair (785g/1,240g)

This perfectly matched pair of B12 bronze 14-inch hi-hats features a medium-thin top (785 grams) and a heavy bottom (1,240 grams) cymbal with a...
Our Price: $249.99

16" Mod FX China (918g)MODCH16

16" Mod FX China (918g)

This funky B12 bronze effects cymbal is lathed thin (918 grams) for a fast response and hand-hammered for an aggressive attack and complex, tight...
Our Price: $149.99

17" Mod Quick Crash (1,050g)MODQC17

17" Mod Quick Crash (1,050g)

This beautiful B12 bronze crash has been expertly hand-hammered and carefully lathed to bring out as much complexity and warmth as is possible while...
Our Price: $184.99

20" Mod Medium Ride (2,155g)MODMR20

20" Mod Medium Ride (2,155g)

Crisp, clean, and articulate with just the right amount of warmth and complexity, this 20-inch medium-weight (2,155 grams) ride cymbal can cover a...
Our Price: $199.99

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