Harps, Celtic, Parisian and Gothic; round back and cross strung harps, lyre harps and lute harps.

We have a large selection of harps available: Celtic style harps the Baladeer from Taylor, Heather harp, Meghan harp, Minstrel harp, Pixie harp and Woodlands harp from Roosebeck.  The Parisian harp by Roosebeck and a beautiful selection of Gothic harps by The Early Music Shop.  If you're looking for  a round back harp we have: The Alyssa harp, Ashley harp, Crystel harp, Fiona harp, Hailey Harp and Rosa harps all by The Early Music Shop.  The Caitlin harp by Roosebeck is our cross strung model.  The lyre harps are manuactured by Mid-East and the lute harp is by Roosebeck.  Most of the harps listed have free shipping in the Continental US.


Please note: all World Instruments, World Instrument cases and bags, most instructional books, CDs and DVDs, and most Percussion category items ship directly from our distributor and therefore have their own free shipping requirements i.e. they cannot be combined with any of the other products towards the $99 total.

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