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World Instruments

We have a huge selection of ethnic string instruments from around the world including: bagpipes, zithers, sitars, balalaikas, berimbaus, bouzoukis, dulcimers, harps, lutes, mandolins, psaltrys, ouds, Tibetan Buddhist singing bowls, harmoniums and shruti boxes. There are also many ethnic wind instruments from Irish flutes, Irish whistles, pipes to horns and drones as well as uilleann pipes. There are many accessories for these instruments such as bags and cases and replacements parts, reeds and strings. For dancers, check out the belly dance accessories including: ankle bells, arm bands, dance swords, brass dance belts, necklaces, head scarves, hip scarves and Egyptian dance accessories.


Please note: all World Instruments, World Instrument cases and bags, most instructional books, CDs and DVDs, and most Percussion category items ship directly from our distributor and therefore have their own free shipping requirements i.e. they cannot be combined with any of the other products towards the $99 total.

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